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    Lin Lai vẫn chưa có mặt trong diễn đàn ღ♥ Big Girl Don't Cryღ♥
    Favorite mod of TJS area

    ♥ღ Hài Lòng & Lãng Quên ♥ღ

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    Jan 1970
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    Cool [2000] Công chúa Hoài Ngọc | Trịnh Gia Du, Tôn Diệu Uy

    Tên gốc: 怀玉公主 / Huai Yu Gong Zhu
    Tên tiếng Anh: Princess Huai Yu
    Thể loại: Romance, comedy
    Số tập: 105
    Thời gian phát sóng: 2000

    Diễn viên:
    Tôn Diệu Uy
    Trịnh Gia Du

    Nhạc phim: http://dienanh.net/forums/showthread.php?t=6624

    Website: http://baike.baidu.com/view/32393.htm
    thay đổi nội dung bởi: Lin Lai, 05-06-2010 lúc 10:39 PM

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    Cool Công chúa Hoài Ngọc/ Trịnh Gia Du, Tôn Diệu Uy

    Hik, chả nhớ xem fim này từ đời nào rùi, nhưng mà hay ác Đang muốn tìm lại fim này mà khó quá, nhờ mọi ng` giúp vậy Nhân đây post lại mấy pic để mọi ng` nhớ lại

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    Mặc Định

    Nhân vật nữ chính: Trịnh Gia Du

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    Mặc Định

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    The characters of Princess Huai Yu

    (hiện giờ vì điều kiện ko cho phép, tui ko dịch được, nên mọi ng` đành đọc bản Eng vậy Pác nào tốt bụng dịch giúp thì...... xin chân thành cám ơn )

    Kang-Xi ( Ai Xin Jue Luo Xuan Ye)

    Male, 20+ years old, a successful and astute emperor. Trusting and courageous, he is also an understanding and kind-hearted person.

    This is the longest ruling emperor in the history of China, with a long-standing reign of 62 years. Has a deep interest in education, and is later able to rule both the Qing and Ming people amicably.

    Because of his deep love for Huai-Yu, he is even willing to give up the throne for her. He does not even mind the fact that she is a Ming Princess, and even went to the extent of trying to conceal her identity.

    Viewers will be able to see a very passionate emperor here. In order to protect Huai-Yu at all costs, he is even willing to take drastic steps, including being at loggerheads with the Empress Dowager, and putting to death Huai-Yu’s adoptive brother.

    Fu Huai-Yu aka Princess Huai-Yu

    Female, 18+, daughter of the late Ming Emperor, sole survivor. Has a bunch of loyal supporters, Zhong Nan Pai aka Zhong Nan Sect, which wishes to overthrow the present Qing Dynasty, with its present ruler, Kang-Xi.

    Naughty and mischievous by nature, Huai-Yu often gets into trouble. Meets Kang-Xi on a chance encounter while out on the streets one day. She was trying to bid for an item at the auction house. Dressed as a male, Huai-Yu managed to fool the eyes of Kang-Xi who thought that she was a boy. Viewers will truly be entertained when Kang-Xi finally realises her true identity as a girl!

    Later, she became sworn “brothers” with Kang-Xi and Wu Ying-Xiong. Throughout the whole series, she matures into a very mild and enduring person, who has that tinge of femininity to her.

    Wu Ying-Xiong

    Male, 20+ years old, Wu San Gui’s son.

    Deeply affected by the environment that he grew up in with his domineering father, he grew up to be a quiet person with few words. Due to the fact that he does not like to speak his mind, Princess Jian-Ning gave him a nickname of “Gou Xiong” aka panda, as well as “Mu-Tou” aka wood!

    Having a very strong and stubborn disposition, he dares to love and hate, irregardless of the consequences. He has truly thrown fear to the wind! Involved in a difficult, and heart-wrenching triangle love affair with Huai Yu and Kang-Xi.

    Feels indebted to Princess Jian-Ning for her love for him. Forced into a political marriage with Princess Jian-Ning. Later, due to the interference of Zhu Nai Nai, he is able to at least develop some true feelings for Jian-Ning. At times, one will wish that he will be able to forget Huai-Yu and turn his attention to Jian-Ning.

    Princess Jian-Ning

    Daughter of the present Empress Dowager, and half-sister of Emperor Kang-Xi. Headstrong and wilful, she is able to get what she wants. That is with the exception of true love.

    In the series, she shows us that she has what it takes to win the love of the man she loves, Wu Ying-Xiong. This is including betrayal of the country, for the hope of securing his safety. Viewers will feel deep heartache for her sake because of her steadfastness to love.

    Tu De Hai

    Male, 40+ years old, Kang Xi’s most trusted personal eunuch. A wise and calm-headed person who is highly skilled in martial arts. He is also very faithful and does his best to protect Kang Xi. The antics of this eunuch will bring winsome and amused smiles to your faces!

    Ha Du

    Male, 20+ years old, Lord of Pingnan’s son, a cheeky and playful person. At first look, he may seem to be flirtatious, but impressions changed for the better as he proves himself to be courageous in the face of danger, even to the extent of losing his life for it.

    Has a deep sense of righteousness and justice. However, due to circumstances, has to bend his principles, in order to protect more people. Very well-liked by the Grand-Empress Dowager, who knows that he can be trusted upon for whatever task he has been assigned to. He has a fond liking for Yun’Er too.

    Zhu Nai Nai (Great- Granny!) aka the Grand Empress Dowager

    Fondly known as Zhu Nai Nai, everybody who has seen her will feel that she is a kiddo because she loves to play and have fun. Makes you laugh a lot too.

    However muddled she can be in trifle matters, she is very wise and sensible whenever the occasion calls for it. In fact, she can be called the “Sherlock Holmes” or Justice Bao of ancient times! The way she handles matters with justice and clarity, tempered with mercy, will definitely elicit the smile of approval from the audience.

    Qing Qing

    Huai-Yu’s personal maid. Can call her a nonsensical and simple-minded person. However, her loyalty to her mistress will cost you to give her the thumbs up. Her skirmishes with Tu De Hai will bring aches and pains to your sides as you laugh over what is impossible between a palace maid and a eunuch!

    Has a disciple by the name of Ying Ying, who comes in as a replacement for her when she has to go away for a while. Viewers will either find that they loathe Qing Qing and Ying Ying or decide that they are more bearable than that detestable Cheng-Yun!

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    Mặc Định


    Sole survivor of a family which had been unjustly wiped out by the then young Kang-Xi. Plots revenge on him, but unfortunately, her endeavours nearly caused the death of Huai-Yu who has rescued her from the hands of wicked men.

    De Fu Jin

    Female, 40+years old, Fu Zhen’s official wife, Kang- Xi’s aunt. Her sister is Kang-Xi’s later mother. One cannot help but notice this kind-hearted lady who has an air of elegance around her. She is also one who knows when and how to stand up for her rights when necessary. For instance, when her family is threatened, she is able to use her rightful royal authority to make her presence felt. Her love for her children is most admirable, especially when Huai-Yu is not even her own.

    Fu Zhen

    Male, 50+ years old, Fu Huai-Yu’s adoptive father. His wife is the sister of Emperor Xuan-Ye’s late mother. His position as an imperial officer at the palace enables him to carry much weight in the presence of the emperor. He has the title of “Fu Wang Ye” aka Prince Fu. Although he is a strict disciplinarian, especially with Huai-yu, deep down inside, he loves her immensely.


    Only son of Chen-Tai, and brother of Cheng-Yun. At the beginning of the series, viewers see him as being wicked. However, ever since he meets Yun-Er, his personality changes and he is able to soften somewhat. Yet, goaded on by his wicked sister Cheng-Yun, in the end, he has to pay dearly for what he had done.


    Male, 50+ years old, the Empress Dowager’s elder brother. As such, he is of high rank, almost on par with Huai-Yu’s father. His title is Prince Chen (Chen Wang Ye). In this series, he comes out as a very revengeful person. He wil go to all lengths in order to achieve what he wants. Viewers cannot help but be gleeful when he is being punished for his wicked deeds.


    This infamous Imperial Lady will make the viewer feel indignant at her antics. She knows how to act like the perfect angel, while deep down, she is scheming some wicked plan inside that shows her up to be deserving of the worse punishment imaginable! At times when she gets away scot-free, one cannot help but feel deep injustice. However, when Xuan-Ye is on hand, he usually makes sure that she gets her just desserts. Wait and see!

    Wu San Gui

    Male, 50+ years old, a high-ranking General of the late Ming Dynasty. Infamously known as the head of the three lords in the Qing Dynasty. Titled “Ping-Xi Wang” aka Lord of Pingxi. A sly and power-hungry person who will stoop to nothing to get what he wants, even at the expense of exchanging his son’s happiness for the sake of coveting the throne.

    (Written by Jowind)

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    Mặc Định

    Phim này chiếu cách đây 6 năm trên kênh Hà Tây, dài hơn trăm tập ý, nội dung cũng được, mà phim này là phim Đài Loan ko phải HK đâu bạn ạ, nếu là HK thì đã bị del topic từ lâu rồi

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    Mặc Định

    phim nài hình như chíu trên kênh bình dương rùi, có 2 phần lận. Mình coi lâu lắm rùi, ngày xưa cũng thik lém nhưng bây giờ ko nhớ gì cả.
    My prince: ICHI SHINPO (Parfait Tic-Cô láng giềng)
    Iu nhất couple Baek Seung Jo <3 Oh Ha Ni (KHJ <3 JSM)
    Thix nhất oppa Kim Hyun Joong!!!
    Oppa hwaiting!!!!!!!

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    Tham gia ngày
    Jun 2007
    Địa chỉ
    cạnh anh Bi yêu dấu
    Bài gởi

    Mặc Định

    phim này tuy chiếu lâu nhưng công nhận phim này rất hay nhộn ghê cơ đấy sao nó ko chiếu lại nhỉ
    Thích nhất đôi mắt 1 mí của anh Bi
    Kết nhất đôi mắt xanh sâu thẳm và lạnh lùng của Wentworth Miller

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    liubakyh6's Avatar
    liubakyh6 vẫn chưa có mặt trong diễn đàn _ღ Tears in Moscow ღ_
    ܓܨ Breaking Dawn ܓܨ

    (¯`ღ Đóa hồng vọng nguyệt ღ´¯)

    Tham gia ngày
    Apr 2007
    Địa chỉ
    Ngôi nhà nhỏ trên thảo nguyên
    Bài gởi
    Blog Entries

    Mặc Định

    Phim này là ăn theo thành công của Hoàn Châu Cách Cách, ban đầu có cũng có tên là Cách Cách gì gì đó, nhưng sau đó bị báo chí la ó phản đối nói rằng dựa hơi của phim kia nên mới đổi tên thành Công Chúa Hoài Ngọc
    There is still a dream...

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    Mặc Định

    Ai nói là dựa hơi đó.Hồi trước tui có đọc báo nghe nói kịch bản phim này được viết trước phim HCCC nhưng vì do mời đạo diễn TTB sau nên mới bị ra lò sau đó chứ. Phim này tui rất chi là mê,ai mà có link phim này thì post lên đi cho mọi người thưởng thức nha
    thay đổi nội dung bởi: kimcucmeocon, 29-02-2008 lúc 10:26 PM

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    Tham gia ngày
    Feb 2008
    Địa chỉ
    Hà Nội
    Bài gởi

    Mặc Định

    hồi đó cũng xem phim này rồi, thấy tiết tấu phim cứ chậm chậm thế nào ấy, thích phim Hoàn châu cách cách hơn vì co nhiều tình tiết nhí nhảnh hơn...dù sao thì mấy tấm ảnh Hoài ngọc ở trên cũng xinh lắm....

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    Mặc Định

    phim này hay ác mình cũng đang muốn tìm mà không thấy không biết ở đâu có biết thì chỉ cho mình với nhé cảm ơn

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    Mặc Định

    mình chỉ tìm thấy nhạc phim ở http://yeuamnhac.com/music/showthread.php?t=453903
    đây thôi
    thay đổi nội dung bởi: ngoccong, 28-04-2008 lúc 02:53 PM

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    Slam's Avatar
    Slam vẫn chưa có mặt trong diễn đàn DienAnhNet Anniversary 2008

    -‘๑’- Độc Cô Cầu Vượt -‘๑’-

    Tham gia ngày
    Jan 1970
    Địa chỉ
    Bài gởi
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    Mặc Định

    Trích Nguyên văn bởi ngoccong View Post
    phim này hay ác mình cũng đang muốn tìm mà không thấy không biết ở đâu có biết thì chỉ cho mình với nhé cảm ơn
    Mình tìm phim trên baidu,bạn tự tìm các tập nhé,có ghi số rõ ràng đấy
    Click vào các tập sẽ xem được phim
    Đây là tên phim
    怀玉公主- Huai Yu Gong Zhu
    Bạn nào rảnh thì tìm thông tin theo tên phim mình đưa nếu ko để lúc nào mình rảnh mình tìm cho.giờ mình bận quá

    Slam nhớ hồi xưa đọc báo họ cũng viết rằng phim này là phim :"Thai nghén trước nhưng sinh sau"" với HCCC.Phim này lên kịch bản trước nhưng do rắc rối ở khâu DV nên mãi mới bấm máy quay được
    thay đổi nội dung bởi: Slam, 28-04-2008 lúc 03:02 PM
    Oh my god

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